In Exile: Dubravka Ugrešić / The Writer in Exile

In Exile is a collection of literary essays written by three selected writers who have specific life expiriences of living and working outside of their countries of origin. They are challenging stereotypical borders of language and cultures often bringing out to the daylight humourous, ironic or serious and sad situations of an individual with fluid "roots". In Exile is produced and e-published by Institute of art production KITCH. 



I live without papers, employment, assets, or permanent address. --Darryl Pinckney

I had a dream. I was at an airport, waiting for someone. Finally the person I was waiting for, a woman of my age, appeared. Before we got into a taxi, I asked her "Don't you have any luggage?"

"No, I just have lifeage," said the woman.

The sentence my double had spoken could be translated: Life is the only luggage I carry with me.





Dubravka Ugrešić ( is a noted Yugoslav/Croatian writer who lives in the Netherlands. Ugrešić was born in 1949 in former Yugoslavia, now Croatia. She studied Comparative Literature and Russian Language and Literature at the University of Zagreb. Her best-known novel in former Yugoslavia was Steffie in the Jaws of Life (Štefica Cvek u raljama života), an ironic postmodernist novel freely playing with clichés and stereotypes of trivial literature and culture. The novel was an immediate success and made into a 1984 movie In the Jaws of Life (U raljama života) directed by Rajko Grlić. After the outbreak of the war in 1991 in former Yugoslavia, Ugrešić took a firm anti-war and anti-nationalistic stand. She wrote critically about nationalis, the stupidity and criminality of war (book The Culture of Lies), and soon became a target of nationalistically charged media. She was proclaimed a "traitor", a "public enemy" and a "witch". She left Croatia in 1993 and continued to write. Her writing has been described as accessible, intelligent, innovative and politically and emotionally charged. Ugrešić lives in Amsterdam as a freelance writer. She occasionally teaches at American and European Universities and writes for some European newspapers and literary journals. (Wikipedia)